Daily Spankings For Motivation

J and I had a long discussion the other evening about discipline and spankings and related things we’ve tried. We agreed that things not only run smoother, but we also have lots more fun when we are practicing our version of DD (domestic discipline). I say our version because we don’t subscribe to any specific doctrine or rules about DD. We do what works for us, and that has involved a lot of trial and error over the years. Sometimes we try something new and it works well for us, othertimes we abandon it for something more effective.

We decided I needed some training to get back on track. To us, this is a way for me to practice my motivation and submission to J. The training is something new for us. It requires daily attention, which is something we did not have time for in the past.

I have trouble staying motivated, and I often put things off that need to get done, but when J spanks me and holds me accountable, it helps me immensely. I find that I want to get everything done on my to do list; I want to accomplish what I say I’m going to accomplish. Simple as that.

Since nothing we have ever tried has ever worked long term for us we decided to do something a little bit different. So I have been getting daily spankings. In the past we tried weekly spankings, but I found that after a day or two I forgot about them and slacked off. With this daily reminder, I am constantly thinking about it. The effectiveness of this was noticable almost immediately by both myself and J.

The daily spanking isn’t severe, it is not a punishment. It is meant to keep me focused and remind me that a punishment will be much worse and not something that will be easy for either of us. J has been alternating between using his hand, a large round wooden paddle, and a thick wide leather strap. As he spanks me, he reminds me of what I said I want to accomplish.

I feel comforted by these daily spankings. For one, I know that I don’t have to purposely skip something on my to do list when I want a spanking. Nor do I have to ask for a spanking. Simply put, I know I am going to get spanked. Every. Day.

I am also grateful that J takes the time every single day to focus solely on me and my needs, which encourages me to work even harder toward my goals.