Standing in the Corner, Waiting & Reflecting

Before every spanking, I remove all of my clothes and stand in the corner, while I wait for J. I usually end up standing there for 10 to 20 minutes. During this time I can clearly think about the spanking I am about to get, and the reasons why, without any distractions.

For the daily motivation spanking, this means that I think about how many more things I’ve been able to get done since we started this, how much more motivated I have been, how these spankings seem to keep me going when I want to stop. The spankings hurt, but when I imagine what a punishment spanking would feel like, it makes me stick to accomplishing the things I said I would.

For the daily submission spankings, I think about how J works so hard at his career and he provides for us in many ways to give us this charmed life, there’s no reason why I can’t give him the pleasure he desires. I told him I would be sexually submissive to him, and when he spanks my pussy I am reminded of this. And again, I would not want to get a punishement spanking, so this is a good reminder of how much worse that would be.

By the time J comes in, I am usually in a submissive mood and ready to get spanked. J doesn’t lecture me all the way through the spankings, but he does go over the things we’ve discussed and always asks me if I disagree with anything or if anything needs to be altered in the way we are doing things. So far the only thing we’ve changed is the weekends are now off days, as far as spankings go. We are just too busy and we have found it is good to relax from all the weekly demands.