I’m Free!

The last 2 weeks were rough without having my normal access to the TV, my phone, or my computer.  But my grounding is officially over this morning!

This was my first time being officially grounded for any length of time.  I went through countless feelings and emotions about it.  Sometimes I felt resentful, sometimes bored, sometimes I felt like a great wife, sometimes I felt genuinely taken care of, sometimes thankful, even blissful at moments. It was topsy turvy, especially the first week.

During the times I was resenting our way of life, I would think about the fact that I could stop this at any time with just one word.  In addition, J and I can talk at any time and reevaluate our rules, our punishments, our situation, how we’re feeling, etc.  And that’s when I would think about the positives.

One of my favorite things about being grounded (did I really just say that?? LoL), is that our house is spotless.  It’s always clean, but I had time to do extra stuff, like wipe down baseboards, clean the vents, repolish a  handrail, clean window tracks, deep clean the grout in the kitchen, you get the idea.

Every day I ached a little less for my phone, but it never totally went away. I am glad to have it back. And I am happy to have 3 lunch dates already for next week. I missed my social life!

J says my mood has been much better, especially this past week. He also tells me I’ve been more submissive, which pleases him. I and I love pleasing my J.

Overall, I had a lot of time to think about J’s reasons for grounding me and in the end I feel good about everything. Although it’s not something I’m looking to repeat anytime soon.  LoL!


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