Grounded and spanked.

For the past week I have been grounded. And I still have 1 more week to go. Normally I wouldn’t be allowed on the computer at all, but J wanted me to update the blog, since that is one of the things that started this. J doesn’t normally go to these extreme measures but I have gotten so far behind in everything lately he felt nothing else would get me back into any sort of routine.

Months ago there was an event that caused J to have to increase the amount of time he spent working. It is temporary, but it has affected our schedules, our time together, and our playing. The only benefit, for me, has been that I have been able to accompany him on his business trips, so I have been doing a great deal of traveling.

J has still been spanking me with some regularity, but there have a lot of times missed. To say the least, I haven’t been quite as on top of things as I normally would be.

A couple of weeks back, J commented that he hadn’t had time to read my blog in ages, and he apologized. I told him I hadn’t written anything in ages, so I don’t think he has missed anything. He asked why I let the blog go and didn’t keep it maintained. I was unable to come up with a satisfactory answer.

I could see he was disappointed. He told me he was sorry he did not do a good job of keeping me motivated, and that he noticed I was slipping in other areas, too. Honestly, he’s been doing the best he can, there hasn’t been an abundance of time recently.

I thought the matter was over, but that night in bed, J asked me to update the blog. He said to think about it for a week and then write. I said I would do that.

“And one more thing.”


“You’re grounded for 2 weeks.”

“Uh…what does that even mean?”

J went on to explain that for the next 2 weeks my tv, phone, and computer privileges were going to be limited. The things that could not be avoided would be done under his supervision only. Other than previously scheduled events, I was not to plan anything social for these 2 weeks. I was allowed to do chores and read, but not much else.

He also added, “You’re not cum during this time either.
At the end of 2 weeks we will reevaluate and see how things look.”

We have gotten to the end of the first week and my house is cleaner than it’s been in a long time, I’ve gotten plenty of reading done, and plenty of spankings, too!

I’ll either be updating you in a week, or I’ll else I’ll probably be standing in a corner somewhere! LOL!

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    1. Hi Keith!

      Thank you. We have challenges just like any other couple, but it is pretty ideal most of the time. =)


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