Getting Things Done & Paying Attention

This week, I have a longer list of things I need to do, due to some friends of ours coming to visit for the weekend.  I left a few things for the last minute and J asked me a few times how my list was coming along.

I am mildly addicted to this game on my phone and after dinner last night, I was playing, as usual. J again asked me how my list was coming and I mumbled something that was not a satisfactory answer.

Being hyper focused on the game, I just wasn’t thinking.

J immediately said, “Stand Up.”

My head snapped up and at first, I started to say I would get right on those chores.

J said, “This isn’t even about that, it’s about you ignoring me when I’m trying to have a conversation with you.”

“Oh” was all I could really say.

I stood up and J guided me to a bent position over the arm of our couch.
Conveniently I was wearing a skirt with nothing under it, which is something J prefers, so it’s my go to house attire.

I heard him take off his belt as he was saying, “What if I was telling you something important?”

“I would’ve tuned in if you were.”

“I’m not so sure. You need to take your head out of that game once in awhile.”

At that, J lifted my skirt and swatted each cheek with the belt 3 times, very quickly and I let out a small yelp after each one.

It really wasn’t so bad, and I was quickly eyeing my phone, ready to get back to my game.

However, J wasn’t finished.
“Hand me your phone,” he said.

“You heard me.”
“But I was just about to…”

J interrupted and said, “Whatever is happening in your game can wait until tomorrow.”

“What if I get an emergency call?” I argued.
“I’ll have your phone, so I’ll see it.”

I reluctantly handed over my phone, and he put it in his shirt pocket, where I could see it.

J explained, “You are grounded from your game and your phone for the rest of the evening. You can have it back at bedtime.”

I somehow managed to get through the rest of the night without my phone.

And today I finished all but 1 thing I need to do before the weekend.
Now, I must get back to my game!

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