Getting to Cum & New Morning Pussy Spanking

In my last blog I said I’d tell you about getting to cum 2 weeks ago.

So, here’s the story.  J told me I was allowed to cum as soon as I swallowed his cum.  I held out for 2 whole weeks, simply because I do not like to swallow.  The taste and texture is extremely unpleasant. But my clit was throbbing and so swollen.

So one evening I knelt in front of J and started giving him head.  When he was close he asked if I was ready and I nodded.  Three spurts later and I had swallowed it all.  It went down fairly easy because of the angle, but it still took hours before the taste went away.

Afterwards, J rewarded me with his amazing fingers.  They danced all over my clit and in and out of my various holes. I came so hard that I literally cried.

It took a few days after that for me to get back into a submissive headspace. Because of that, J has decided I will not be allowed to cum very often. When I am kept constantly in a constantly horny state, not only am I much more submissive, I also want J’s cock all the time.  So, of course he loves that.

We’ve added morning pussy spankings to our daily repertoire. It’s not that I’m not being submissive, but when I am this horny, it is hard to keep my hands above my waist.  This is J’s reminder to me that I am not allowed to cum.  And it also helps to remind me that I asked to be submissive to him.

So in the mornings, after we shower, J has been leading me to the bed, having me lay on my back, and holding my legs up and spread, and he whips me with a strap or a belt on my pussy lips. He spanks me a few times very hard and very quickly.

My clit is throbbing and just begging for some attention and release. There have been a few times when I’ve reached my fingers down and started fondling my lips, but then I notice they are a bit sore and I remember the morning spanking and I withdraw my hand. So it would seem J knows what he’s doing by administering these morning reminders. Not that I had any doubt.

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