Not Allowed to Cum

We knew when we bought this house that we’d have some projects. Unfortunately, largely due to my procrastinating, we hadn’t made much progress. However, in the past couple of months we’ve gotten several of them completed and are working toward the next one.

J says it’s amazing how much better my attitude is and how much more motivated I am with daily spankings. We will be continuing these daily spankings, since they seem to be doing so much good for us.

We always have a lot of fun when I’m hot and horny all the time, so J has decided that I am not allowed to cum. But, there is something I can do to change that. Like most men, J loves getting head. He likes it even more when I swallow. I do not enjoy that part at all. J says if I want to cum, I can….as soon as I swallow his cum. It’s been 2 weeks so far and I want to cum so badly that I’m squirming in my seat!

J likes to spread my legs open and rub my clit until I’m so close to cumming, while he tells me not to cum. It’s so difficult, but I know that if I do cum, I’ll receive a pussy spanking. And not like the daily ones. This will be a punishment spanking, which I definitely do not want. So I concentrate very hard on not cumming.

I’m not going to be able to hold out much longer, though. J likes teasing me, so I know this is fun for him, but he’ll be really glad when I finally swallow.

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