I’m sitting here in a diaper…

So, like the title says, I’m sitting here in an actual diaper.  It’s something J and I do every once in awhile.  It’s nothing to do with age play, just another previously-agreed-upon way J can show his dominance.

J has an easy day today and will be home most of the day, so we got to sleep in a few minutes later than normal and we got in some extra cuddling time, too!

After our showers, J gently pushed me back on the bed. He raised my legs in the “diaper position” and gave me a quick, but firm,  hand spanking. He said he wanted to make sure I was ready to get back into our normal weekly routine, and he couldn’t think of a better way to start the day.

He then informed me I’d be wearing a diaper all day.  We have the pull up kind, so I still go to the bathroom as usual, but I have to ask permission to do so, and J is the only one who can take off my diaper. I started to protest because I have several things to do outside of the house today, and will also be seeing a colleague of J’s, briefly.  A stern look from J was all it took for my protests to cease.

I always feel like everyone can tell when I’m wearing a diaper, but they are actually surprisingly thin and I don’t think anyone would notice unless they were specifically looking for it. At least I hope no one notices! I’m not sure how I would explain that. LOL!

Spanked To Start The Week

J and I spent last weekend with friends at their cabin, so there were no spankings of any kind.  These are good friends of ours, but they’re vanilla, as far as we can tell.  I often find myself longing to let some of our friends into the spanking side of our life, but I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable if they don’t understand it.

We had a great time hiking through the woods during the day, and relaxing in their hot tub at night.

Initially J was going to spank me on Friday before we left, but we ran out of time. So I went the whole weekend without one spanking.  That hasn’t happened in ages.  There were a few times where J whispered to me, “I can’t wait til I can spank you.” And that just sent tingles through my body every time.

Sunday night, after we unloaded the car, I was standing in front of the washer throwing in a quick load of laundry.  J came up behind me and said, “When you’re finished there, go wait for me in the bedroom.” He kissed my neck and ear, making me shiver.

I was still taking my clothes off when J came into the room. He sat down on the bed and guided me over his lap.  He spanked me with his hand for a good long while, before picking up a strap, and then finally a wooden paddle.  He said he was giving me extra spanking time since we missed 3 days, and he wanted to make sure I start the week off right. At the end, I felt thoroughly spanked and didn’t have any trouble getting back into the swing of things this week.

I’m Free!

The last 2 weeks were rough without having my normal access to the TV, my phone, or my computer.  But my grounding is officially over this morning!

This was my first time being officially grounded for any length of time.  I went through countless feelings and emotions about it.  Sometimes I felt resentful, sometimes bored, sometimes I felt like a great wife, sometimes I felt genuinely taken care of, sometimes thankful, even blissful at moments. It was topsy turvy, especially the first week.

During the times I was resenting our way of life, I would think about the fact that I could stop this at any time with just one word.  In addition, J and I can talk at any time and reevaluate our rules, our punishments, our situation, how we’re feeling, etc.  And that’s when I would think about the positives.

One of my favorite things about being grounded (did I really just say that?? LoL), is that our house is spotless.  It’s always clean, but I had time to do extra stuff, like wipe down baseboards, clean the vents, repolish a  handrail, clean window tracks, deep clean the grout in the kitchen, you get the idea.

Every day I ached a little less for my phone, but it never totally went away. I am glad to have it back. And I am happy to have 3 lunch dates already for next week. I missed my social life!

J says my mood has been much better, especially this past week. He also tells me I’ve been more submissive, which pleases him. I and I love pleasing my J.

Overall, I had a lot of time to think about J’s reasons for grounding me and in the end I feel good about everything. Although it’s not something I’m looking to repeat anytime soon.  LoL!


My Tone Wasn’t Exactly Agreeable

Normally I wouldn’t be online right now, since I’m technically still grounded. But J is letting me catch up on a few things, since we have a lot of down time today. And he wanted me to blog about this while it was still fresh in my mind.

As part of our agreement to each other, I do not say no to J, sexually. On Friday night before bed he was guiding my head down and I made a sound that he took as a protest. To be fair, my tone wasn’t exactly agreeable.

We were both tired and J agreed to wait until morning to punish me. I slept well, even though in the back of my mind, I was thinking about the spanking I would be receiving tomorrow.

On Saturday morning we had a nice leisurely breakfast, and cuddled on the couch while we caught up on some of our DVR’d shows. Around noon, J told me to go upstairs and wait for him. Of course, I knew to take off all my clothes while I was waiting. Not long after, J came upstairs and retrieved some of his favorite pussy spanking implements. This included a belt, a riding crop, and a light strap.

He sat on the bed, leaned against the headboard and motioned me to him. He guided me down to the bed, and first sat me on his lap, facing him, with my legs wrapped around his waist. He gently laid me backwards and spread my legs wide. He raised my bent legs up and had me hold onto my feet, almost like I was sitting indian style, but with my legs in the air. He had complete access to my pussy this way. He scooted me back a little bit, so he could get better aim and more swing.

He rubbed my clit for a minute with his thumb, and when I moaned in pleasure, he gave me a quick swat with his hand. I am currently not allowed to cum, and J loves bringing me close to the edge.

J started out by reiterating the rules we agreed on and asking me if I was still ok with them (yes).

He said he was going to punish me by spanking my pussy, as we had previously discussed and agreed upon. Starting with the lightest strap, J spanked me with increasing intensity. He switched to his hand and then to the riding crop. He used both the flappy end and the cane-like part of it. The swats were coming hard and fast now, but with the position I was in, there was little I could do to avoid them. When J picked up the belt, he used one hand to keep my lips spread far apart and he slapped right on my clit, super hard and fast. It was hard to take, but I just kept thinking about how easily I could have avoided being in this position, both literally and figuratively (LoL). J spanked my pussy for longer than he normally does and made sure to thoroughly cover every inch.

He stopped and gently pulled me to him.

“That’s enough for now, but this punishment isn’t over. You can get dressed, but leave the belt and crop out.” His voice was gentle but stern.

I’m not sure what J originally had planned, because we got invited to a last minute get together and didn’t get home until late in the evening. We both practically fell into bed.

Today (Sunday), J and I spent extra long in bed this morning having fun and chatting. J even brought me up some tea and let me lounge in bed even longer while he had a shower.

Afterwards, he got me in one of his favorite pussy spanking positions where I’m laying on the bed, on my back with my head on the pillow, just how I would be if I were sleeping, except my knees are bent and my legs are spread as wide as they will go. J stands next to the bed and is at a different angle than last night, but has equally good access to my entire region.

With no hesitation he brings the belt down at what feels like full force and spanks rapidly, without pause. Tears spring to my eyes, but do not fall. The belt hits me in a slightly different way than it did last night. When I’m in this position, the end of the implement is toward my ass. The position I was in last night, the end of the implement is toward my belly, so the worst of the sting tends to be in a different place.

There was nothing playful about this spanking, it was definitely a consequence for breaking a previously agreed upon rule. And since it’s probably the rule I break the most, the punishments have gotten a little more intense. J rarely pushes my limits, though, so it’s never anything I can’t handle.

Once my spanking was over , J said, “We’re going to keep doing this, do you understand?”


I’m still grounded until Wednesday, so I won’t be back online until then. If you comment or send an email, I will read it as soon as I can.