2 Months in and already Behind

Well well well it seems that after only 2 months of this blog, I’m already behind in writing.  But this time it wasn’t my fault!  No, really.

My brother has a habit of visiting without a lot of advanced warning. I don’t mind his visits, but it does prevent J and I from doing any spanking activities. About 2 weeks ago brother called and said he was “passing through” town.  His visits range anywhere from a weekend to a month, so I’m never sure what to expect.

This time he was here for 11 days.

I managed to keep up with my normal to do list and daily activities for the first week, but both J and I noticed that the second week in, I was not quite as motivated.  This was true of my submission to J, too.

I sometimes wonder what people would think if they knew of our lifestyle. It would be easier (and probably more fun!) if we didn’t have to be so discreet.

My brother left on a Saturday afternoon.  J doesn’t usually spank me on weekends, but almost immediately he took my hand and led me to the bedroom.

He said, “I’m not so concerned about your chores, but your lack of submission is something we need to deal with right now.”

I undressed and laid on the bed, face up.  J spread my legs as wide as they would go and told me to make sure I did not close them.

He got a leather strap and spanked my pussy really hard twice without a pause.  He grabbed my face and said, “You agreed to be submissive to me, and just because we have visitors does not mean our rules about that are no longer valid.”

We spoke for a few minutes about our agreed upon lifestyle and he asked me if there was anything I disagreed with or changed my mind about.  I said “no.”

He then proceeded to spank my pussy with that strap with more force than he’s ever used. I was near tears when he stopped.

He held me for a few minutes, and then asked me if I wanted to cum. I of course said yes and he said, “Maybe later.”

My clit is currently throbbing, but at least I got to cum 2 weeks ago!  I’ll post about that next time.